Stretch Out Stress in Humble TX

Stretch Out Stress in Humble TX

Who would have thought that being too still might be a problem? In fact, it is. In a time where many of us have jobs that require hours sitting at a desk in front of a computer, or other repetitive and small movement, a common “injury” is just being too still. Research is beginning to study the effects of this cultural phenomenon. What is becoming clear is that too little movement allows our muscles and joints to become stiff, sore, fibrotic and more easily prone to injury.

Neck Stretching & Exercises

These stretches and exercises are designed to give you simple, quick ways to keep your body more mobile and flexible through the day. The first video starts with neck stretching and exercises.

Do Your Arms Feel Floppy?

Does it seem like the constant hunching over the desk, day in and day out, is making you look like Quasimodo? Grab that exercise band and start strengthening your shoulders and firming up those chicken wings.

Sitting All Day Is Surprisingly Stressful On Our Backs!

In fact, it's the third worst thing we do to our backs. While we were designed to move, run and work - work for many of us means not being as active as our bodies would prefer. These next exercises are designed to help stretch and strengthen our legs and butt.

Carpal Tunnel, Wrist Pain and Stiffness

These next stretches are designed to help relieve some of the stress of the small, repetitive movements we subject our fingers, wrists and arms to as we work over a computer keyboard all day.

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