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"I really appreciated the quickness and professionalism during that visit. The doctors at The Oaks are very open to being asked questions pertaining to their services and my health and my child's health."



"Seeing Dr. Dawn weekly, we believe, is keeping us healthy. Now, after seeing Dr. Dawn and Dr. David for almost 2 years, my son has only had to take antibiotics once since we started out treatment."


Chris, Matthew, and Andrew

"Drs. Dawn and David Bush are two of the best. Without them my mobility would not be good; as my neck gives me much trouble. They are really good at their profession and are caring people."



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Thank you for visiting the website of The Oaks Healthcare located at 20121 West Lake Houston Parkway #1600 in Humble, TX.  We understand how important it is to choose a chiropractor that is right for you. It is our belief that educating our patients is a very important part of the success we see in our office.

Can help to decrease stress

Boosts your immune system

Relieves muscle tension

Can naturally increase your energy level

Restores motion in your joints

Improves quality of life

The Oaks Healthcare Combines Chiropractic and Medicine

"We want to help you reach your health goals!"

Anything worth having isn’t usually easy to get. It takes time. At The Oaks Healthcare, we’ll take the time to work alongside you to help you feel better and live better. Humble health care providers, Dr. David Bush, a family nurse practitioner and chiropractor, as well as chiropractors Dr. Dawn Bush and Dr. Richard King, have created a unique approach to healing that combines both medicinal and chiropractic care.

Services for Your Every Need

With chiropractors that are nurse practitioners and certified in clinical chiropractic pediatrics, every member of your family can count on us to help provide you with the unique care you need. This team’s experience and combination of services we offer set us apart from many health care practitioners. Our services include

  • Chiropractic Care. Decades of experience in spine and joint care for families, athletes, kids and pregnant women.
  • Medical Care. Get help with both acute and chronic health conditions from our family nurse practitioner.
  • Weight Loss. Reach your goals with a medically managed program that works.
  • Physical Rehabilitation. Heal and stay well with exercises and stretches.
  • Soft Tissue Therapy. Let Active Release Technique® help you recover from injury.
  • Trigger Point Injections. Break down scar tissue and allow your body to heal from the inside out.
  • Headaches. Specialized techniques to help with chronic headaches.
  • Knee Recovery. Help for knee injury recover with a combination approach.

Turn on Your Healing Power Within

When your body works well, you feel better, move better and live better. Chiropractic care removes any interference in your body’s natural function so you can heal on your own. We welcome you to our friendly, casual practice where families are our priority! Learn more about us and schedule an appointment to get started today.

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At The Oaks Healthcare, we are passionate about our patients.

We are uncompromising in our technology, comforts, and quality of service.

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